Jumping Stilts

There seems to be some debate about who created jumping stilts. While the debate forges on the reality seems to be that it was a combination of inventors and ideas that have brought jumping stilts to the point where they are today. No matter how many people argue about the inventor everyone agrees that baby steps is the best way to start on jumping stilts.

A version of jumping stilts have been around for a half of a century. Today’s stilt is typically made of aluminium with a fibreglass or carbon fibre leaf spring. The stilts allow you to run, jump, run and jump, twist, and even flip. New stunts and tricks on jumping stilts are being invented all the time.

Types of Jumping Stilts

What most people do not realise is that there are different types of jumping stilts and it is important to pick the right ones. The first classification to take into account is youth and adult stilts. The size and the weight load differs for youth and adults. Within adult stilts there are different weight classifications. It is important to select stilts that can accommodate your specific weight.

There are also different types of leaf springs. Some leaf springs are designed to have a stiff rebound resulting in a higher jump. Leaf springs with a soft rebound are created for those just learning the activity and result in a lower jump.

A new sport is starting to emerge for the stilts. The sport utilises a high performance jumping stilt with leaf springs made of carbon fibre. This type of leaf spring has a stiffer rebound and is extremely durable. The alternative is a fibreglass leaf spring. The rebound is not as extreme as with carbon and the cost is less. The downside of the fibreglass, it is not as durable as carbon-fibre.

Start with Baby Steps

No matter what type of stilts you have it is important to take your time to learn how to use them. It is a good idea to employ the help of a friend until you get the hang of things. Start slowly by getting accustomed to standing in the stilts. Have a friend nearby to lend a hand if you should get off balance.

Once you are comfortable standing on your own you are ready to start walking. While it might seem crazy, start with baby steps. Once you can walk comfortable you are ready to start jumping. Once you start jumping the sky is the limit, literally.