Flowers Are The Perfect Gift

Giving flowers has been an expression of many different feelings for decades. Receiving a bouquet of flowers can brighten a person’s day and put a smile on a sad face. But, flowers are not limiting to giving for a special moment or on a birthday. They can be given for many different occasions.

Flowers are sent to funerals to express sorrow to the grieving family. Flowers add a touch of elegance to a somber room and can demonstrate the love people have for one who has passed. Flowers can be sent whether you’re planning to attend the funeral or not. They represent a heartfelt expression.

Flowers are naturally beautiful. Therefore, they are the perfect representation of love for a special individual. There is no need to wait for a birthday or special occasion to send flowers, especially if you wan the person to know her or she is loved and has a special place in your heart. It is even more special when a person receives a bouquet of flowers that have been hand picked by the sender or giver.

Flowers are suitable for anniversaries, because they can represent the beauty of the bond between two people. Traditionally, certain types of flowers are given at different anniversaries. For instance, carnations represent the first anniversary and daffodils are given for the tenth anniversary. But, this is not a hard and fast rule. The giver can add some other attractive flowers to a bouquet of carnations or daffodils, or pick something else entirely.

Birthdays are a common occasion for giving flowers. On such occasions, it is always best to give flowers the birthday person likes, if personal preferences are known. This sends a message that the giver cares for the receiver. While a single red rose represents love, the receiver may prefer yellow or white roses. This should be considered when picking out the right bouquet for a special someone.

Flowers are relatively inexpensive, compared to other gifts. There are usually bright and attractive bouquets to fit every budget at the local floral shop. It’s best not to wait until the last minute though, because floral shops tend to be busy on weekends getting flowers ready for weddings and other special occasions.

Flowers represent a range of emotions like love, caring, gratitude, sorrow, sympathy, thankfulness, and joy. Many flowers have their own meaning and it can be a special gift when you can translate that meaning to the receiver. Flowers are suitable for nearly any occasion and they represent an excellent way to let others know you care.

Author – Emily Dolan of Red Earth Flowers.

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